Let's Make Cyprus Green

Let’s Make Cyprus Green is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the negative impact on our environment caused by human activities – especially excessive waste and the wider problems caused by plastic consumption. We campaign to encourage responsible waste disposal and the adoption of a lifestyle based on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” (in that order of importance).

We encourage residents, as well as visitors to the island, to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle by “going green”. When you “Go Green” you gain knowledge and adopt new habits that lead to environmentally friendly & ecologically responsible choices in ways of living. This will help to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources.

And we do this by using our three pillars that complement one another in a way that will bring about effective societal change; these are: 1) education 2) action 3) prevention.

Current Actions

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Raven Russia Beach Cleanup

https://youtu.be/OZ9-KLFcboQTo demonstrate their care for the local environment, Raven Russia carried out a clean-up at the northern end of Lady’s Mile Beach on 14 November.

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GenPro Beach Cleanup

https://youtu.be/SeQbYrhx_Xk To mark World Cleanup Day on 18 September, Let’s Make Cyprus Green and GenPro carried out a joint clean-up of Dasoudi Beach in Limassol,

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