Bamboo Toothbrushes

Replacing your plastic toothbrush with our ecological bamboo alternative

Green Tips

Green Tips

Are you looking for some simple Green changes you can make to your day-to-day life? Here are some easy Green Tips to help you become more environmentally friendly...Read More

NextGen : Corporate Cleanup

We had an awesome corporate cleanup party with Nextgen, a company that cares about keeping the sea clean & plastic free. Thank you to everyone who participated! ...Read More

Zakaki Marsh Cleanup Report

This cleanup was our first action for the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) which is from November 17- 25th....Read More

Karnagio Beach Clean-Up

Karnagio Beach Cleanup

Karnagio Beach is located in the area between the old and new port of Limassol - - only minutes away from the Limassol Marina...Read More

Spyros Dog Beach Clean-Up

Spyros Dog Beach Cleanup

This was our first beach clean up in Larnaca. It was a great turnout. We had a total of 75 amazing, multinational volunteers ranging from age 2-63...Read More

Avdimou Beach Cleanup

We are happy to say that we had a total of 45 amazing multinational volunteers ranging from age 6-63...Read More

Kourion Beach Cleanup

Kourion Beach Cleanup

In total we collected 54 bags full of waste (550 kilos). We even managed to find a vacuum cleaner and numerous kitchen pots...Read More

Environmental Accomplishments in 2018

The individual and community support given to us throughout 2018 has been greatly appreciated. We are very proud of the progress that has been made thus far and we aim to accomplish much more in 2019 ...Read More

How To Declutter Your Home Without Destroying The Environment

You may think that you're a pro recycler just because you're properly pitching your bottles and cans every week. ...Read More

The Problem Of Plastics in Our Oceans

The Problem Of Plastics in Our Oceans

We were recently interviewed by Mr. David Evans about the problem of plastics in our oceans. ...Read More

Plastics in the Environment

The manufacture and proliferation of plastic products has exploded over the last 70-odd years. From the 1950s up to 2018 ...Read More

5 Simple Switches to Sustainability for a Healthy Life and Planet

Plastic is a material that was developed as recently as 1907, but its use has risen exponentially....Read More

Global warming

Global Warming and How You Can Help

Global warming also puts human health in great danger as severe changes in climate negatively affect ...Read More

Product Criteria

Our products are designed with environmental-friendly materials that do not cause any harm to the environment. A strict product principle is implemented in the production process which aligns with our environmental values. Each product must have at least two of the three following criteria.

1. Be compostable or biodegradable

What are these? Compostable materials provide the earth with nutrients once it has completely broken down. Biodegradable materials refer to the ability to break down and return to nature. Buying products that are compostable and/or biodegradable will help to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

2. Contain no toxins or harmful ingredients

Many people suffer from allergies, asthma, and other sensitivities because of products that contain toxins or otherwise harmful ingredients. Most of these products are used inside the house. Such as for cleaning, as body care products, as a detergent, etc. We aim to develop products that are mainly natural and do not cause any harm to you or the environment.

3. Made from recycled or of recyclable materials

Recycling has many benefits, such as saving energy, conserving raw materials, reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills, and it helps to save you money. 2.5 million tons of waste go to landfills each year (8kg per person/week) 3/4 could be saved by re-using, recycling and composting.

LMCG Eco-Friendly Products

With your support, you allow us to continue our mission to help Cyprus go "green". You also support us in developing high-quality eco-friendly alternatives to reduce and possibly eliminate single-use plastic waste on the island. All of our products are fair trade.

Fast Delivery

We provide our customers based in the Republic of Cyprus with 1-2 days delivery!

Minimal Packaging

We use a very minimal amount of packaging when shipping our products, and the packaging we do use is made from recycled or of recyclable materials.
Less waste, cleaner planet!