Beach Cleanups

Litter throughout our island and waterways is a serious problem for each and every one of us. Let's Make Cyprus Green hosts monthly clean-up events to stop waste from entering our waters while at the same time raises community awareness about the severe issue of littering and marine debris.

During each one of our beach clean-up events, litter is collected, recorded, and recycled or disposed of properly. Recording data on the trash we collect allows us to influence long-term solutions and decision making by using the analyzed data to educate the public, local business, and government officials about the scale and serious consequences of Cyprus’s littering and marine debris problem.

Marine debris is not just unsightly. It has serious effects on ecosystems and negative impact on our communities, such as our economy and human health. These negative impacts range from: 

Impact on Tourism:

One major reason why tourists choose Cyprus as their holiday destination is because of our countless number of Mediterranean beaches. However, when our beaches are filled with trash and our sea is polluted with marine debris, it reduces the beauty and aesthetic value of our island which negatively impacts our main tourist attraction. When our island is no longer inviting, tourists will eventually choose other locations for their vacations. The implication of this on the economy of Cyprus is great. Cities that depend on beach visitors for their economic sustenance will be impoverished and many businesses may have to close down due to the lack of clientele.

The Cost of Cleanups:

The cost of cleaning up marine debris from our beaches requires millions of euros. If we keep Cyprus clean, the high sum of funds that would have been used for cleanups can instead be used for greater purposes such as building sports fields, libraries, or playgrounds for children.

Public Safety:

Plastic waste and marine debris generally have a dangerous effect on people. Swimmers can become entangled in marine debris or people can step on needles or broken glass while walking down the seashore.

Damage to Boats

Marine debris can cause serious damage to boats. It is usually hard to detect debris when on a boat and the impact can be very harmful to the boat as well as the passengers. Large debris can cause a serious crack at the bottom of a boat, the boat propellers can get entangled in fishing line, or the system intakes can become blocked with a plastic bag which can block the engine of the boat.

Littering is entirely a man-made problem, however, is also entirely preventable. You can become part of the solution by joining us at our beach clean-ups and following our journey to help Make Cyprus Green!

Together we all can make a difference!