Karnagio Beach Cleanup

Karnagio Beach Clean-Up
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Thank you to everyone who participated at our beach cleanup on Saturday, September 29th, 2018 @ Karnagio Beach. Also, thank you to our media sponsors, Choice FM and the Limassol Municipality for helping to organize the event.

Karnagio Beach is located in the area between the old and new port of Limassol – – only minutes away from the Limassol Marina. This area has been previously described in the media as an ‘open sore’ and a ‘dumping ground’. We could not agree more.

We had a total of 65 amazing, multicultural volunteers ranging from age 5-68 that came from all areas of Cyprus and put in their efforts to help us clean Karnagio Beach including company EY and SCF. Also present was Limassol mayor, Mr. Nicos Nicolaides, and head of the municipal health services, Mr. Dimitris Theoti. Thank you all for supporting Let’s Make Cyprus Green.

In just 2 hours of cleaning a section of the beach, we managed to collect over 100 bags full of trash and recyclable materials:

  • 70 full bags of trash
  • 52 full bags of recyclable materials

In total: 122 bags adding up to 1,136kg of waste, from plastic bottles, beverage cans, drinking straws, and much more – – not to mention an abundance of abandoned furniture.

Karnagio Beach may be an eyesore today, but according to Mr. Nicolaides, there are development plans to connect the Limassol Marina, the old port, and Karnagio Beach to become the “New Limassol”, which will include a sidewalk, bicycle path, and walkways for pedestrians.

The trash we collected should not have been there, to begin with. Especially the waste that could have been sent for recycling. An EU Commission report stated that Cyprus is at risk of failing to achieve the EU’s recycling targets for 2020. Cyprus is now behind in five of six categories of waste. These include municipal waste, construction and demolition waste, electrical and electronic equipment waste, packaging waste, and landfilling.

Always have in mind to dispose of your waste responsibly, and to help reduce your waste be sure to check out our online Eco Shop of environmentally friendly products. All of our products are ecological options to help reduce and possibly eliminate single-use plastic waste on the island.

Less Waste = Cleaner Planet

If you’d like to volunteer at our next cleanup event or even become a member of our organization please contact us for more information

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