Lady’s Mile Part II Beach Cleanup

Lady’s Mile Part II Beach Cleanup
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Thank you to everyone who showed up to our beach cleanup on Saturday, March 10th 2018 @ Lady’s Mile beach! There were many new volunteers as well as some familiar faces from our previous cleanup. In total, we had 75 participants ranging from 3 – 70 years old that came from all areas of Cyprus. Including a bus of students that traveled all the way from the University of Nicosia to help us clean the beach. At our previous cleanup, each volunteer was given 2 different bags to fill up with trash and recyclables. With this method we managed to collect over 100 bags, however, not all of our findings were sorted correctly. Therefore, we decided to try out a new procedure for our Part II cleanup. For the Part II cleanup, instead of having everyone fill up bags with their findings, in order to be more efficient, we decided to try out the following method:
  1. Give everyone their own individual bucket.
  2. Once the bucket was full, empty it into one of the big trash bins we had lined up on the beach.
  3. Once one of the bins was full, it would then be carried over and dumped into a sorting area.
  4. Once in the sorting area, each item was individually recorded on a data sheet, and then disposed of in the proper bag (trash or recycling).
Lady’s Mile Beach Cleanup II Big Trash Bins

With this method, we were able to collect more in-depth statistics of our findings, plus be sure that each item was being disposed of in the appropriate bag.

However, this method was also extremely time-consuming and took a lot of our energy away. Halfway through the cleanup, we saw that we did not have as many bags as we anticipated. Therefore, we had to put an end to this new method and replace everyone’s bucket with bags.

Our goal for this cleanup was to collect over 100 bags of trash/recyclables, however, because of the time that it took to sort/record each item for the first half of the cleanup, we only managed to collect 70 bags – Which is still a great number!

Here is a list of the top 10 most picked up items:

LMCG Cleanup Report –

  1. Plastic bottle caps – < 500
  2. Plastic bottles – < 400
  3. Aluminum cans – < 350
  4. Plastic straws – < 350
  5. Rope – < 125
  6. Glass bottles – < 100
  7. Plastic cups – < 100
  8. Plastic lids – < 100
  9. Plastic bags – < 50 (a majority of the bags have already started to decompose so we could not estimate the exact amounts found).
  10. Food wrappers

*Some of the most random finds were a printer, computer, and a CDs.

Volunteers – Thanks again for your efforts! Because of all of us, we managed to remove this trash before it had a chance to injure someone or make its way into the sea.

We will continue to spread this constant reminder: It’s a beach, not a garbage dump – Let’s keep our island beautiful & safe!

Please share this post with your friends & family so we can spread the word and Make Cyprus Green together!

To help reduce the number of items found, be sure to check out our online Eco Shop. We will be adding new alternatives to plastic products every month.

Photos of some of our AMAZING volunteers

We were so thrilled with the turnout. We had people coming from all over Cyprus, all with different age ranges and nationalities. It was so great to see all of us working together to make a difference. Thank you all again for coming!

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