Paramali: Beach Cleanup

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Our Paramali Beach Cleanup is what inspired the idea for Let’s Make Cyprus Green. Paramali Beach is actually somewhat of a ‘wild’ beach. Due to its semi-hidden location and the difficult road leading up to the beach, there are not many visitors. However, it is actually one of the go-to beaches for most kitesurfers in Limassol.

With just two people, we spent a total of 4 hours cleaning the beach, as well as the road behind the beach, and managed to collect and remove 12 full bags of trash/recyclables. 12 full bags of trash/recyclables is too much debris for a turtle breeding beach. The Green & Loggerhead Turtles that nest/hatch here is endangered, priority species and only 1 in 1,000 makes it to adulthood. The turtles were not the only animals on our minds that day. During the cleanup, we, unfortunately, found a dead dog wrapped in a blanket. This was one of our biggest concerns that day. Even though the beach is semi-wild, that does not give the exception for people to dispose of their deceased animals. This beach is still for public use, which means there is a possibility of children discovering such things. This scenario can be very traumatic for a child.

Turtle nesting/hatching season starts in May, so please, help the turtles who nest on our beaches and their hatchlings by not doing anything that jeopardizes their survival. Please have in the mind to always dispose of your trash properly and leave nothing but your footprints!

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