Food Takeaways and Deliveries: Calling all Customers, Food Outlets and Delivery Apps

Meal takeaway and delivery services have all boomed since covid-19. This is great for consumers, cafes and food delivery apps, but not so great for the environment. Think of all the waste involved: not just the packaging, but extra single-use items like napkins, cutlery, straws and condiments that most of us don’t need because we already have them at home.

Supposing every cafe or restaurant offered an “eco-option” for food deliveries, which excluded all these unnecessary extras?

They would save money, while reducing the waste and carbon-footprint of their products.

If you order food deliveries, please ask your favourite providers to offer an eco-option with no added single-use items. Just packed food; nothing else.

If you are a cafe owner, please offer this eco-option to your customers! And to lower your carbon footprint, even more, consider offering a "reusable straw option" to your customers that order beverages within your app store and/or in your establishment in order to cut down on single-use straw waste.

If you’d like to join in the initiative by offering the “eco-option” and/or "reusable straw option", please contact us: we can provide you with reusable straws and promote your eco-friendly business on our website and social media pages.

We also ask the Food Delivery app companies to support this idea and include an eco-option request in their app.

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