Plastic Straw Free Business

Regardless of your type of business, your customers strongly care about your environmental and socially responsible efforts. Making the simple switch from plastic to an environmentally friendly straw alternative is a fast and easy way to become a ‘greener’ business.

LMCG can assist you with this by replacing your plastic drinking straws with one of our reusable (stainless steel, glass, bamboo) or paper straw alternatives.

Reusable Straws
Paper Straws
Reusable Straws
  • Attractive – Reusable straws add more eye appeal to your drink.
  • Zero Waste – They help to reduce your annual waste.
  • Cost Effective – Will save you money long-term by not having to continuously purchase disposable straws.
  • Hassle Free – Easy cleaning with our straw cleaning brushes.
Paper Straws

  • High Quality – Our paper straws last extremely well in liquid, unlike other paper straws that break apart into small bits inside of your drink.
  • Variety – Available in a wide range of colors and prints.
  • Forest Approved – Made from FCS recycled paper.
  • Earth Friendly – 100% biodegradable.

All straws can be customized to different colors and sizes (length + diameter) to suit various cocktails and glasses.

Numerous studies have reported that 84% of global consumers now seek positive sustainability commitment in the companies they do business with. We strongly believe that businesses who are making changes to help the planet deserve praise, which is why we offer bonus rewards to our partners.

Bonus Rewards: Let’s Make Cyprus Green will help you showcase your achievement by spreading the word about your new business initiative. Our partners receive:
  • A personalized 'Plastic Straw Free Business' Certificate.
  • Our 'Plastic Straw Free Business' window decal for you to share your success with any client that walks through your door.
  • A 'Plastic Straw Free Business' seal for you to display on your website that lets your visitors know that you have aligned your business with your environmental values.
  • A position on our Partner Page which will include your company logo + link to your website.
  • At your convenience, we can come to your business with a professional photographer and take photos of the straws being used or in a beverage and advertise the photos on our social media pages.
  • Mention your business on our social media pages and press releases.

And the even better news is that all of the above are free of charge! We love to promote our innovative partners who are making positive steps for a greener Cyprus, and nowadays, customers want to buy from eco-friendly companies, so gain a competitive advantage by becoming a plastic straw free business.

Contact us to request a meeting and discuss your needs, or alternatively buy straws for your personal use by clicking here.