Let's Make Cyprus Green

Let’s Make Cyprus Green is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness about the negative impact of human activities on the environment. Our primary focus is on highlighting the harmful consequences of excessive waste and plastic usage, improper waste disposal, and other pressing climate-related concerns. All while promoting the adoption of a lifestyle based on 1) Reduce 2) Reuse 3) Recycle, in that order of priority. 

We encourage both residents and visitors to the island to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle by “going green”. By going green, people acquire knowledge and develop new habits that lead to environmentally conscious and sustainable choices in their way of life. This collective effort helps protect the environment and preserve its natural resources.

To bring about effective social transformation, we rely on three pillars: education, action, and prevention. These pillars form the foundation of our comprehensive approach, empowering individuals to become active agents of positive social change.


Эко-чистые продукты

These products go hand-in-hand with our mission of combating waste. Help make Cyprus "green" with us!.

Быстрая доставка

Быстрая доставка, 1-2 для по Республике Кипр.

Минимальная упаковка

Minimal packaging is prioritized when shipping products. Less waste, cleaner planet!

Надежно и безопасно

Мы обеспечиваем безопасные транзакции и данные.