Red Forest — Scarf


The pattern for this scarf is a representation of a wasteland in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Printed on U-circular Chiffon made out of recycled plastic bottles, semi-transparent, 50 x 50 cm

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Where does trash go after we’ve thrown it away? Do we ignore this question because it makes us feel uncomfortable? Similarly, as the culture of silence takes place in our everyday lives, we often hide or ignore such uncomfortable truths.

What we perceive in our society or ourselves, as “disposable” or “valueless” has its own beauty, importance, worth, and usefulness if only one takes a closer look. By following personal photographic documentation of wastelands, several images have been selected as artifacts and then reassembled through a collage process generating kaleidoscopic manifestations of garbage hills. These visual narratives of post-traumatic wisdom are used to shed light on the problematic nature of value, aiming to highlight that “materiality” never goes to waste.

In this project, the artist explores alternative ways of understanding the idea of value by turning trash into colourful and joyful scarves, as a metaphor, for questioning the ways individuals value life.


Габариты 50 × 50 см


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