Мыло: Детокс и баланс


? Detoxifying, exfoliating and hydrating, FOS Cosmetics’ Face Bar is crafted from an environmentally-friendly blend of bamboo active charcoal, wheat germ oil, Fairtrade cocoa and shea butters, and geranium, lavender and cypress essential oils.

100% natural (and devoid of non-renewable sources such as Dead Sea mud), this black soap formula does it all. It’s ideal for every skin type – especially delicate skin affected by city pollution – and repairs redness and irritation while protecting from germs.

Best of all, it’s the perfect make-up remover, cleansing every trace of cosmetics to leave you with a radiant, flawless complexion. Quite possibly, this is the soap you’ve been waiting for your whole life!

  • RSPO Certified Sustainable
  • No traces remain after saponification
  • Fairtrade Certified
  • Organic ingredients are used were possible

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?? Cyprus’ first RSPO and Fairtrade certified company, FOS COSMETICS LTD uses natural, sustainable ingredients to produce handcrafted soap bars which gently nourish and hydrate the skin. All our ingredients are ethically sourced, from our Fairtrade cocoa butter (our bars include possibly the highest percentage of cocoa butter on the market!) to our palm oil, which comes from sustainable plantations in which no old growth is cut down, and no habitats are harmed.

It’s really important to us that we never test on animals, that none of our products use plastic, that we work hard to protect the environment (all our packaging is recyclable), and always support small local businesses (the featured artwork has been designed by local artists). Meaning your skin will be perfectly cleansed and hydrated, and the planet is all the better for your purchase!


Вес 0.115 кг
Габариты 2.8 × 9.3 × 5 см


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