The beautiful island of Cyprus, and the clear waters of the once pristine Mediterranean, are being needlessly polluted by human waste and especially plastic, which once in the sea, breaks down into tiny particles which can never be recovered. One component of all this waste is single-use plastic bottles. The problem of plastic pollution needs to be tackled at source, by reducing consumption.

Introducing Refill Cyprus, a behavior change campaign created to help people reduce plastic pollution by making it easier to reuse and refill their bottles with everyday essentials – from free filtered drinking water to body care and cleaning products.

We are living in an age where one million plastic bottles are used every minute all around the globe – and this number is only rising. As yet there are almost no “refill and reuse” options available…until now.

We aim to install innovative Refill Stations in busy areas throughout the island.

Refill Cyprus negates damage caused by plastic because we’re not sanctioning the use of plastic at all. Instead, we’re encouraging people to refill their own, reusable bottles/containers: an effective way to stop depending so heavily on plastic, and instead, help to prevent waste entirely.