About Us

Let’s Make Cyprus Green aims to spread awareness to the public about environmental dangers to the planet, especially the harm done through excessive use of plastic. We hope to encourage residents, as well as visitors to the island, to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle by going green.

“Going Green” is a phrase that essentially means choosing to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. When you “Go Green” you gain knowledge and adopt new habits that lead to environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible choices in ways of living. This will help to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources.

Let’s Make Cyprus Green aims to tackle plastic pollution through:

Education –

  • Online: By publishing articles about the environment and «Green Tips» on how to save the planet by making different choices with energy, water, recycling & waste, air quality and food and living a healthy lifestyle, as well as information about climate change and sustainability.
  • In schools: By offering classroom presentations in schools. This includes beach clean-up field trips for students of all ages which encourages them to get involved in and learn about eco-issues. The Let’s Make Cyprus Green team believes that by educating our youth about the damage of plastic and littering, they will grow to become environmentally conscious and think about the consequences of their choices, behaviours, and purchases.
  • Through film: By hosting frequent documentary film nights to deepen peoples understanding of key concepts in pressing social & environmental issues.
  • Through voice: By properly informing others about the severe state of plastic pollution. This gives them the option to change their lifestyle habits in a way that can be beneficial to the planet.

Action – “It is only when you pick it up that you realise how much litter there is.” — Let’s Make Cyprus Green organises frequent clean-up events to stop waste from entering the sea. These events raise community awareness about the severity of littering and marine debris.  These clean-up events are open to the public, and Let’s Make Cyprus Green encourages everyone to become part of the solution by participating in these events.  During the beach clean-ups, litter is collected, recorded and recycled or disposed of properly.  Approximately 80% of the litter is found to be plastic.  Littering is entirely a man-made problem; therefore, making it preventable.  By recording and analysing data on the trash collected, the public, local businesses, and government officials can be made aware of the harm it causes and long-term solutions can be found to combat the problem.

Prevention — Plastic is a recently developed material (early 20th century), but its use has risen exponentially. Now, quite suddenly, it is realised how much damage it is doing to the environment. If people actively refused to use plastic, there would be no more demand for it. Let’s Make Cyprus Green has its own line of environmentally friendly products (thanks to the help of EkoNest) ranging from Drinking Straws made from stainless steel, bamboo, glass and paper, Reusable Produce Bags for fruits and vegetables, Stainless Steel Bottles and Bamboo Toothbrushes.

These products are an eco-friendly alternative to everyday dangerous plastic products. They are designed with environmentally friendly materials to prevent future pollution. A strict product principle is implemented for the production process of each product.  Every product must have at least two of the three following criteria:

  1. Be compostable or biodegradable, so they don’t stay around in the environment for very long.
  2. Contain no toxins or harmful ingredients, for those who suffer from asthma or other sensitivities, while at the same time leaving nothing harmful behind in the environment.
  3. Made from recycled or recyclable materials, to prevent waste from ending up in landfills.

Let’s Make Cyprus Green is committed to eliminate plastic waste on the island and continues to promote an even wider variety of high-quality eco-friendly products.  We are reaching out to businesses and encouraging them to reduce their annual consumption of plastic through the use of eco-friendly products. By partnering with local businesses, less toxic plastic will be consumed and discarded thereby creating a «greener» Cyprus.  Businesses interested in improving their brand image by aligning with environmental values can contact us to request a meeting to discuss their needs.

Making a country «green» is a long and arduous process. To make a big impact, Let’s Make Cyprus Green needs an army of passionate, like-minded people in order to help it along. Your support with this effort will further our progress in reaching these goals. You can support us by:

  • Becoming a member
  • Making a donation so that beach clean-ups can continue.
  • Making a donation so that the public awareness can be raised and education in the classrooms can continue.
  • Switching to using the products offered to contribute to a more eco-friendly environment.

We at Let’s Make Cyprus Green are extremely passionate in our quest to make Cyprus «green» for its people now and future generations to come.  Each and every one of us is responsible for the future of our planet.  Together we can make a difference!