Стать членом организации

Мы стремимся набирать страстных единомышленников, которые так же, как и мы, хотят изменить отношение людей к окружающей среде.

Join us! 🙂 

Our goal at Let’s Make Cyprus Green is to spread awareness about the negative human impacts on the planet, particularly the harm done by excessive waste and the use of plastic—through education, action, and prevention.

We aim to encourage residents and visitors of the island, to «go green» — a phrase that essentially means choosing to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, which will lead to ecologically responsible choices in ways of living.

Your support by becoming a member will further our progress in reaching this goal and make our voices heard.

We have different departments, all the areas where we need the most support, that we’re looking to fill with volunteers. These departments are: Communications, Education, Fundraising, Graphic & Web Design, Legal, Marketing, Membership, Partnership, Photography, Projects, Translation, Upcycling, Videography. Feel free to contact us for more information about any department. 

There are just two simple steps to becoming a member:

  1. Application Form to get to know a little more about you.
  2. Yearly Membership Fee of €35 — the price of 1 cup of coffee per month. Membership fees are direct donations that help fund our campaigns, community projects and basic expenses.

Members receive:

  • The opportunity to gain experience volunteering for a non-profit
  • A Let’s Make Cyprus Green t-shirt
  • A Let’s Make Cyprus Green Member Certificate
  • 10% off Discount Code on EkoNest eco-products
  • Access to our member mailing list
  • Invitations to our member-only events & meetings