Our Team

We are a small team of volunteers

Let’s Make Cyprus Green has no paid employees and is run entirely by people giving their spare time.

We may be volunteers, but we really do try our absolute best with the resources we have available. We are continuously striving to be an influential and powerful organization that changes laws, shifts public opinion, and re-shapes society in a way that will benefit the environment for us and future generations. 

Eleni Kazelas
Andrey Voloshin
Rosalyn Sparrow
Projects Assistant
Chrysanthi Papadopoulou
Stelios Antoniou

Being mostly self-funded, we also have limited funds – and that limits how many projects we can carry out.
You can support us by making a donation or becoming a member of our organization.
We would be thrilled to welcome you aboard and make Cyprus green with you!

If you have any questions about our work please contact us