Let’s Make Cyprus Green is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness about the negative impact of human activities on the environment. Our primary focus is on highlighting the harmful consequences of excessive waste and plastic usage, improper waste disposal, and other pressing climate-related concerns. All while promoting the adoption of a lifestyle based on Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, in that order of priority. 

We encourage both residents and visitors to the island to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle by “going green”. By going green, people acquire knowledge and develop new habits that lead to environmentally conscious and sustainable choices in their way of life. This collective effort helps protect the environment and preserve its natural resources.

To bring about effective social transformation, we rely on three pillars: 1) education, 2) action, and 3) prevention. These pillars form the foundation of our comprehensive approach, empowering individuals to become active agents of positive social change. And the biggest part of this effort is you – the committed, caring people who are adopting the ‘go green’ movement. Come join us, and together, we can make our island – and the planet – a better place!



This is the starting point, where the journey towards a sustainable future begins. Through education, both for ourselves and the next generation, we lay the foundation for a brighter future for our planet. At Let's Make Cyprus Green, we actively contribute to this educational process by regularly sharing Green Tips that highlight sustainable choices in energy, water, recycling, waste management, and food. We also provide information on climate change, fostering a deeper understanding of its impact. In addition, we engage with schools by delivering informative presentations and arranging field trips for beach clean-ups, instilling environmental values in students. Furthermore, we host documentary nights to enhance awareness and comprehension of urgent social and environmental issues.


Once we’ve educated ourselves with an understanding of the issues and solutions, it’s time to take action! Our beach clean-ups are still going strong, and we encourage everyone to join in! We organize public and corporate cleanup events, offering people the opportunity to witness firsthand the severity of littering and marine debris. We collect, record, and recycle the waste we find (did you know, 80% of the litter we find is plastic?!). By doing so, we ensure that the magnitude of the problem is acknowledged, and individuals are inspired to become part of the solution. Furthermore, we actively promote behavioral change through our campaigns, such as Refill Cyprus and Bin Your Butt. These initiatives strive to encourage sustainable practices by emphasizing the importance of refilling reusable containers and properly disposing of cigarette butts. By taking action collectively, we can make a tangible difference in preserving our environment.


Excessive waste and littering are both man-made problems and, therefore, entirely within our power to prevent! In Europe alone, a staggering 25.8 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated each year. The presence of plastics in both land and marine litter not only creates environmental and ecological problems but also poses a risk to human health due to the release of toxic substances. To combat this, we strongly advocate for substituting single-use plastic with reusable alternatives. By making this switch, we can help our planet by preventing the enormous amounts of oil used in plastic production and the subsequent rise in greenhouse gas emissions associated with the manufacturing and disposal of plastic. Every small change counts, whether it's refilling at our water stations, using reusable straws, shopping bags, bamboo toothbrushes, or menstrual cups. These eco-friendly alternatives have the potential to make a significant impact in preserving our environment.


The watchword of the new decade is ‘sustainability’, and that’s what we’re all about at Let’s Make Cyprus Green. We’re here to help you make more informed, responsible choices, giving you the knowledge and the skills to help sustain our resources and protect our precious planet.

We’re committed to eliminating plastic waste on the island, reaching out to the government, businesses and the public through our efforts.

But we’re well aware making Cyprus a greener place will be a lengthy process. And that’s why we’re building an army of passionate, like-minded people! You can help support our efforts by:


We are always seeking passionate and like-minded people who share our commitment to become part of our community. By becoming a member, you will play a crucial role in furthering our progress and amplifying our collective voice.


As we are not government or EU funded, donations are crucial in funding our campaigns, community projects, and allow us to continue our volunteer work.


Transitioning to reusable and plastic-free alternatives not only reduces waste but also fosters a culture of environmentally conscious living.


Engage in discussions about climate change with others or share news about the impactful volunteer work we are doing. Together, we can create a ripple effect of awareness and inspire others to join us in taking action for a sustainable future.


Eleni Kazelas
Co-Founder & Chair
Rosalyn Sparrow
Vice Cair
Chrysanthi Papadopoulou
Michalis Pantelides
Christina Massaad
Board Member
Future Changemaker! 😃

We are a small group of dedicated volunteers who passionately devote our spare time to driving impactful initiatives that improve our environment. Let’s Make Cyprus Green operates solely with volunteers and has no paid employees. Together, we strive to take our organization to new heights and embark on an exciting and fulfilling journey towards positive change.

We invite you to join us on the frontlines of the climate movement. As changemakers, we define our path by taking action, and we warmly welcome you to be a part of our team! Contact us today and become the next changemaker, as we work hand in hand towards a more sustainable and resilient future.


In 2017, Eleni and Andrey, the founders of Let’s Make Cyprus Green, were married on their favorite turtle breeding beach in Paramali, Limassol. It was a perfect beginning – a new start for a young couple deeply in love with each other and the environment. But on return visits to the site of their wedding, the pair noticed increasing amounts of trash littering the beach. In response, they took it upon themselves to plan a day to clean it up. 12 bags of rubbish later, they determined that this was an ongoing, island-wide problem that would require more than two to solve!

That evening, Eleni and Andrey brainstormed ideas on how they could raise awareness and inspire people to embrace eco-friendly habits. They created a Facebook page called “Let’s Make Cyprus Green” as a platform to share “green tips” and invite others to join them in future clean-up events, with the goal of collecting far more than just 12 bags of rubbish.

Just a few weeks later, the newlyweds organized a public clean-up at Ladies Mile, a coastal area heavily polluted by marine trash that poses threats to both wildlife and the environment. Over 70 volunteers from all walks of life, ranging from 2-year-old kids to 70-year-old grandmothers, showed up on that day and collectively collected more than 100 bags of rubbish.

During the clean-up, teachers who participated expressed their desire for Eleni and Andrey to visit their schools and speak to students about the issues of littering and plastic pollution. Eleni and Andrey gladly agreed, realizing the potential for a positive impact through educational programs in addition to their clean-up initiatives. Thus, Let’s Make Cyprus Green was officially born! Recognizing the significance of their endeavor, they soon took steps to register Let’s Make Cyprus Green as a non-governmental organization (NGO).

Andrey, fueled by his passion for the cause, made the courageous decision to leave his tech career and devote himself entirely to volunteering for the organization full-time. For three years, he wholeheartedly dedicated his time and energy to the mission of Let’s Make Cyprus Green. However, as the years went by, Andrey eventually decided to return to his professional work. Today, Eleni leads the organization, managing its operations alongside her own full-time job, supported by a small team of volunteers who share the same commitment to the cause.

Through their three-fold approach of education, action, and prevention, this non-profit organization raises environmental awareness across the entire island. And, of course, they still organize regular beach clean-ups – because that’s just how this amazing journey began! 


In our first year as a registered NGO, Let’s Make Cyprus Green achieved a remarkable milestone by being bestowed with the esteemed title of “Best Environmental Awareness NGO – Cyprus” at the European Enterprise Awards. This recognition served as a testament to our dedication and efforts in raising environmental consciousness throughout the island.

Building on our success, we entered our second year with renewed enthusiasm and were honored to receive the “Environmental Organization of the Year – Cyprus” award at the prestigious Elafi Animal Welfare Awards. This acknowledgment further validated our commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

In 2022, our Refill Cyprus campaign gained international acclaim, earning the esteemed “Best Youth Initiative” award in Ocean Conservation from EU4Ocean. As a result of this achievement, we were given the opportunity to promote the project at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference held in Lisbon, Portugal.

Continuing our journey, in 2023, Let’s Make Cyprus Green was once again recognized for our significant contributions. The Cyprus Green Party bestowed upon us an award for our exceptional efforts in promoting public awareness of the detrimental effects of human activities on our environment.

These awards serve as reminders that even the smallest actions can have a significant impact when driven by passion and dedication. We have wholeheartedly embraced the responsibility of making a positive change within our community and encourage others to join us in our quest, amplifying our collective efforts toward a more sustainable future for everyone.