About Let's Make Cyprus Green

Let’s Make Cyprus Green is a non-profit organisation on a mission to spread awareness to the public about the negative human impact on the planet, in particular the harm caused by excessive and improper disposal of waste, and the use of plastic.

We take action to encourage both residents and visitors to the island to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle by “going green”. When you “go green” you gain knowledge and adopt new habits that lead to environmentally friendly & ecologically responsible choices in ways of living. This will help to protect the environment and sustain its natural resources. 

And the biggest part of this effort is you – the committed, caring people who are adopting the ‘go green’ movement by eschewing the use of harmful plastic and reducing waste. Come join us, and together, we can make our island – and the planet – a greener, better place!



This is where it all begins. By educating ourselves (and the next generation) we’re giving our planet a future.

Here at Let’s Make Cyprus Green, we publish regular ‘Green Tips’, reporting on sustainable choices in energy, water, recycling & waste, air quality and food, as well as sharing information on climate change and the environment. We also deliver in-school presentations and beach clean-up field trips for students, and host frequent documentary nights to further understanding of pressing social and environmental issues. 


Once we’ve educated ourselves with an understanding of the issues and solutions, it’s time to take action!

Our beach clean-ups are still going strong, and we encourage everyone to join in! Open to the public, our clean-ups raise community awareness about the severity of littering and marine debris. We collect, record, and recycle the waste we find (did you know, 80% of the litter we find is plastic?!), analyse the data and make it public – ensuring that everyone from government officials to local businesses are aware of the problem and can become part of the solution.


Excessive waste and littering are both man-made problems and, therefore, entirely preventable!

In Europe alone, 25.8 million tonnes of plastic waste is generated every year. The plastics in land and marine litter release toxic substances that, not only causing environmental and ecological problems, but also pose a risk to human health.

We encourage substituting single-use plastic with reusable products to help our planet by preventing the millions of tons of oil that go into the production of plastic & the rising greenhouse gas emissions that are a result of producing & disposing of this plastic. Every small change helps, and whether that means using a glass straw, a reusable shopping bag, or a bamboo toothbrush, these eco-friendly alternatives can make a big difference! 


The watchword of the new decade is ‘sustainability’, and that’s what we’re all about at Let’s Make Cyprus Green. We’re here to help you make more informed, responsible choices, giving you the knowledge and the skills to help sustain our resources and protect our precious planet.

We’re committed to eliminating plastic waste on the island, reaching out to the government, businesses and the public through our efforts.

But we’re well aware making Cyprus a greener place will be a lengthy process. And that’s why we’re building an army of passionate, like-minded people! You can help support our efforts by:

  1. Becoming a member of Let’s Make Cyprus Green
  2. Making a donation, so we can continue to carry out community projects, raise public awareness and further our schools’ education program
  3. Switching to plastic-free alternatives
  4. Spreading the word! Each and every one of us is responsible for the future of our planet. Together we can make a difference!

Our Story

In 2017, Let’s Make Cyprus Green founders Eleni and Andrey were married on their favourite turtle breeding beach in Paramali, Limassol.

It was a perfect beginning – a new start for a young couple in love with each other and the environment. But on return visits to the site of their wedding, the pair noticed increasing amounts of trash littering the beach. So they began to pick it up. And 12 bags of rubbish later, they determined that this was an ongoing, island-wide problem which would require more than two to solve!

Just a few weeks later, the newlyweds organised a public clean-up at Ladies Mile down the coast – another area polluted by the marine trash which threatens both wildlife and environment. Over 70 volunteers from all walks of life – 2-year-old kids to 70-year-old grandfathers – showed up on the day, and collected more than 100 bags of rubbish.

Realising they’d started something amazing, Eleni and Andrey resolved to continue the positive impact of their clean-ups. And Let’s Make Cyprus Green was born!

Today, through a programme of EDUCATION, ACTION, and PREVENTION, the non-profit raises environmental awareness all over the island, visiting schools, writing informative articles, and hosting informational gatherings. And, of course, they still organise regular beach clean-ups – because that’s just how this amazing journey began! 

Eleni & Andrey on their 8th public beach cleanup
Spyros Beach, Larnaka - Cyprus