Eco Posters
Reducing Waste as a Business

These posters are for businesses that would like to encourage customers to be environmentally conscious or would like to reward their customers for already being conscious by making choices to reduce their waste.

If you’d like the text on any design edited or would like to include your logo, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist. Designs are available in English and Greek. Show off your printed signs using #LetsMakeCyprusGreen to be featured on our social media channels.

These designs are provided to you for free, however, if you do download any of the images, please consider making a donation to our organization. Donations help to support our work and help fund future material to encourage more people to reduce their use of plastic. Please respect copyright laws and do not edit our designs without our permission. 

Reducing Produce Bags
Single-use bags, whether plastic or paper, generate a massive amount of waste. Encourage your customers to bring their own produce bags!
Reducing Straws

For most people & beverages, straws are not necessary. To reduce your straw waste, have your customers request paper straws only if needed.
Keeping Beaches Clean
If you have a business located at the seaside, consider putting this sign up to keep your area clean and keep your customers happy!
Reducing Cups
Far too many single-use cups are being used globally. Encourage your customers to bring their own to keep the planet clean!
Reducing Food Containers
Display this sign to encourage your customers to bring their own containers when purchasing food, or raw meat or fish.

Thank you for helping us spread awareness and encouraging people to reduce their use of plastic!