(English) Save the Turtles!

Did you know that sea turtles mistake floating plastic garbage for food? Plastic pollution is playing a significant role in the declining sea turtle population. Plastic bags, in particular, are the most commonly ingested item. To a sea turtle, a floating plastic bag looks exactly like a jellyfish. Many Loggerhead sea turtles have been found with plastic and other types of marine litter in their stomachs. Ingestion of this litter can lead to serious health problems, such as blockages in their digestive system, a halt in reproduction, and even death. Tragically, the most current research indicates that half of the sea turtles worldwide have ingested plastic. If people continue to litter, sea turtles, as well as other marine life will eventually become extinct. So please don’t mistake the ground for a trash can and keep our land clean!

Dead Sea Turtle

A dead sea turtle was found floating in the polluted waters of Zygi. These photos represent exactly what LMCG is trying to prevent from happening.
When you find litter around the island or in the sea, take a photo and post it to your social media page with our hashtag so we can spread the word together!

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