5 Tips to Make Your Black Friday Green

Black Friday is almost here, make way for all the shopping discounts and excess plastic packaging! Here are some useful tips for making this year’s Black Friday a bit more green
1. Don’t impulse buy – Number 1 on our list! Most of the time, there is really no need for those products that you just can’t resist buying. Think twice and ask yourself, do I really need this?
2. BYOB – Of course, bring your own bag when out shopping. Even if you just plan to window shop, it’s always good to keep a shopping bag with you or in your car – you never know when you’ll need it!

3. Support a small sustainable local business – If you’re going to shop, better to give back to your local community and the environment. Be sure to check out our Eco Shop for any eco-friendly items you may need this time of year. EkoNest also has a great offer of 20% off all orders with free shipping until Monday.

4. Tech smart – If you have your eye out for any tech goods, be sure to look for energy-efficient products. A benefit for the environment and your wallet. Look for the Energy Star label.

5. Remember the three W’s – who, where and what, as in “Who made it? Where did it come from? What’s it made out of?” We are all in a hurry to get our shopping over and with – but don’t forget to find out about important things like “is this fair trade and/or made locally?” or “is this made from sustainable materials?”.

Black Friday usually means “out with the old and in with the new”. Most people purchase new electronics and clothes to replace perfectly good items. If for some reason you cannot reuse what you currently have, please, don’t throw it away! What should you do instead?

DONATE them to your friends, family, local school, second-hand shop, charity, or list them online for free. Our friends at CIWOT are currently on the lookout for women’s clothes to be donated to Cyprus Stop Trafficking. If you’re interested in donating please send contact them for more information 🙂

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